Thursday, November 15, 2012

Science Fun with Mr. Jack

We had library class twice with Mr. Jack today!  The kids love seeing what Mr. Jack has in store for them.  Today it was building tops and rubber band cars.

The lesson involved Newton's Laws of Motion.  The children had a blast creating objects from old cd discs, pens, pencils, masking tape, cardboard and rubber bands.  It is amazing how entertaining these objects can be!

Wrapping masking tape around his pen.

Egee got the hang of wrapping her tape.

Top is ready to try out.

Spinning tops with their friends.

Look at it go!

Seeing who's spins the longest.

Building rubber band powered cars.

The girls discussing how the car will work.

Assembling the wheels.

Mr. Jack explaining how to 'power' the car.

Racing the cars.

The children had a blast learning with their friends.  Thank you, Mr. Jack for your fun science lessons!