Saturday, November 10, 2012

Veterans' Day Parade 2012

We went to our home town's Veterans' Day Parade on Friday.  It was a nice parade to say thank you to all the men and women that have served and are serving in the military.  Being from a small southern town, we have a good portion of local men and women that have served our country. 

The parade wasn't very long.  It consisted of various school groups, VFW chapters, the junior ROTC, the Hillbilly Brigade, fire trucks, army trucks and police cars.  People lined the sidewalk to view the parade and show support.  The nursing home along main street wheeled out the elderly, so they could enjoy the parade.  Some of these men and women had served their country, but due to health reasons, could not actively participate in the parade.  They waved flags as the parade passed.

The veterans in the parade appreciate all the fan fare and support given to them.  Many of these men from the Vietnam era, were never welcome back home properly.  They were never appreciated for their service.  Now they can receive the respect and support they deserve.  These men proudly wear uniforms or baseball caps showing their branch of service. 

The Grand Marshall of the parade was a gentleman that served in WWII.  He sat upon the back of the convertible and waved at the crowd.  This may be one of his last Veterans' Day Parade.  Another elderly  WWII veteran, rode in a Department of Navy limousine.  He proudly smiled and gently waved to those on the sidewalk.

I am so pleased to be able to take the children to such events.  It allows them to show respect to those that have sacrificed so much for this great nation. 

Fire trucks suspend the American flag above Main Street.

Little Man waiting for the parade to start.

Egee watching the parade.

During the parade however, one could tell that most of those in uniform and on the street carried a somber tone.  I have noticed this a lot in the past few days after the presidential election.  Everyone seems to understand that our country is not the same.  Our hope for change has been dampened after the recent election.  The very freedoms that these men have fought for are being threatened.  Fortunately, these men from 'our greatest generation' will not have to see what will become of our nation.  Unfortunately, they are seeing a glimpse of what they fought so hard to protect die itself.