Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Our family gathered at my parents' home today in celebration of Thanksgiving.  My sister and mother were busy fixing all the dishes for dinner when we arrived.  The house smelled wonderful!

My sister loves to cook Thanksgiving dinner.  She made a delicious herb stuffed turkey and crockpot macaroni and cheese.  We had sides of mashed potatoes, stuffing, creamed asparagus, corn, gravy and rolls.  The desserts were fabulous as well.  We had a special chocolate dessert, Oreo balls, pumpkin pie, banana bread, and pumpkin bread.  A feast was served!

As we ate, there was laughter and reflection.  We enjoyed each other's company. 

Once dinner was over we opened the first present to kick off the upcoming Christmas season.  A tradition my mother started twenty years ago.  Every Thanksgiving she gives everyone a Hallmark ornament.  She tries to get on ornament that reflects a hobby, interest, or special occurrence during the year. 

Every year when I decorate our tree, I remember the Thanksgiving and Christmas each ornament represents.  Our tree is full of memories.

I have labeled each ornament box with the name of the child it belongs.  One day when they are on their own, I will give them all their ornaments.  They will be able to reflect every year about the Thanksgivings and Christmases of the past when they hang each ornament on their own tree.

I am so thankful for my family.  My parents are my foundation.  They have worked hard all their lives to provide a wonderful family for my sister and myself.  My sister is my best friend.  She has been there for me and I for her.  My husband is my rock.  He works so hard to provide for us.  He makes sure we are comfortable and will do whatever it takes to make our life wonderful.  My children are my life.  The provide me so much joy.  I could not ask for more.

My nephew and Little Man

My mother, Egee and my niece

Little Man with a mouthful of dessert.

I realize how fortunate my family has been.  For this we are truly thankful. - Happy Thanksgiving!