Monday, May 7, 2012

Women of Joy Weekend Getaway

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to accompany my sister and two others to Myrtle Beach for the Women of Joy conference.  Now I really had no idea what to expect at the conference, but was insured we would have a great time.

The conference kicked off on Friday night and we were ready.  Charles Billingsley led the music.  He was great!  Very contemporary and energetic.  The mood was set and the audience was having a lovely time.

The speaker was Carol Kent.  Her message was about how life does not always turn out the way we have planned.  Her story brought the audience from joy to sadness and heartache to hope.  She and her family have had to face a tragedy, so horrific and unthinkable, and rebuild a kind of life they never thought they would be experiencing.  This new life has led them to touch others that they may have never had the opportunity to help.

Saturday was  awesome!  Charles was back with his inspirational music.  Sheri Rose Shepard spoke during the morning session.  This lady has overcome so much as a young woman and now again in the recent years of her life.  Part of her message was that "No one is thinking about you as much as you are, so get over it!"  How true it is.  We tend to obsess on our own faults and vanity that we imagine others doing the same to us.  Where in fact, no one really gives you a second thought.  If we would just let go and allow God to show us the way, we would be amazed at how our life would change.  However, most of the time we do not allow this and it leads to doubt in God's will.  She provided many examples from her own life that was so touching.

My sister could not wait to see Anita Renfroe.  Mrs. Renfroe was the mid session entertainment.  A pastor's wife and church pianist for twenty years has turned into a comedian.  She was absolutely hilarious!  Her song on motherhood was wonderful and everyone that has had a child relates.  Poking fun at the obvious things women put up with and do.  She is a woman's comic.  The one-hour performance flew by and people left wanting more.

We had a wonderful weekend.  Now to plan for next year's conference.....