Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cleaning and Weeding and Little Man

Our garage is in a constant state of flux.  We clean it and then turn around and it seems to be in shambles.  Why is it that it cannot stay clean?  Little Man!  The child is a tornado.  Constant motion and destruction are his m.o.

I have tried to corral his force and turn it into a cleaning machine, but it is an on going battle.  He came out to help me clean, but to no avail he drug out more than he put back.  He is a very inquisitive child and hops from one curiosity to another in the blink of an eye.  Thus, I am left with his trail.  Hubby said he needs a reverse switch.  I agree.

I cannot blame every bit of the mess on the little fellow, though his is a huge contributor.  I had about a hundred mason jars in disarray that needed to be sorted and stored properly.   So I made room on shelves in the storage room of the garage and began packing jars into boxes.  That cleared a lot of floor space.  Of course, Little Man found last years sea shells and promptly spread them about the cleared space.

I used the shop vac to vacuum the garage floor.  That alone made an improvement. Plus it forced Little Man to pick up his shells before the shop vac at them.  So off he trotted to the drive way to look at his treasures.

I didn't get all of the garage organized, but I did get the majority straightened.  Once I start to feel overwhelmed, I have to stop and take a break.  Otherwise, I started shoving things anywhere.  At least, I am no longer ashamed of having someone walk through the garage.

The side garden needs to be mulched, but we have yet to order the mulch.  The weeds are pushing the weed fabric up and causing it to balloon.  The weeds are encroaching the garden beds.  So it was time to bite the bullet and started pulling.

Oh, how I despise centipede grass!  I pulled three five-gallon buckets worth of weeds out of the garden.  There is still more to do! I think I am going to take up the weed fabric and use the weed-eater to do the job. Maybe tomorrow during the cool of the morning.  That is unless Hubby orders my mulch by then!