Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lightening bugs!

Oh, the simple joys of summer time.  Lightening bugs or fire flies have arrived.  The children love to chase and catch the glowing little insects.  I believe that it must be a right of passage.  Every child should experience the early evening hours, when the sun has set and the twinkle of little lights appear.  The thrill of the hunt.  The squeal of excitement, as one little bug is caught and tickles the hand.

We were having dinner at the in-laws and upon leaving the children noticed their yard full of lightening bugs.  I have not seen that many in quite a long time.  We have several at the house, but their yard looked as though someone set out dozens of strands of twinkling Christmas lights.  You didn't have to chase them!  They were so thick, that all one had to do was hold out a hand.  The kids were ecstatic!

Egee is on the prowl.

Little Man looking at the ones high in the tree.

The bugs were everywhere!  Unfortunately, the camera didn't capture their light.

He caught one!

Egee with her bugs!