Monday, May 14, 2012

War on Rooms!

What is it about kids and cleaning?  It seems that once I get things cleaned, things are a mess again.  Little Man aka The Tornado leaves destruction in his path.  Today I must have been insane, for I decided to declare war on the children's bedrooms.  I have tried to ignore the mess, but I am at the breaking point.

Their version of clean and mine are at different ends of the spectrum.  Little Man's version of picking up is as long as there is a path all is fine.  Egee's version is about the same, but it does grind on her nerves at times.  She has on occasion decided to clean her room without me fussing about it.

So today, I began the process of cleaning.  I must help Little Man with his room.  Pointing out what needs to get put away.  As he picked up, I sorted through his clothing and packed away all the items he has outgrown.  I switched out his long pants and shirts for summer items.  He grudgingly put away blocks and cars.

Egee can clean her room by herself.  She doesn't like to do so, but she doesn't fuss.  She takes pride in her room once it is cleaned.

Two hours later, cleaner rooms found their way into our house.  So, today's school lesson was on home economics.  A clean home is a happy home, at least for Mom!  Now if they will just keep their rooms clean!