Monday, May 7, 2012

Buddy: Part Two

We had come to the conclusion that Buddy may just be part of our family by the end of the week.  The little salt and pepper miniature schnauzer had decided that we were his new family.   He had stayed around the house all of last week and the weekend.

Buddy was winning over Hubby's affection. We decided if no one claimed the little rascal by Friday, we would keep him.  The kids were excited and really hoping that Buddy would be part of our family.

I decided to check on Craig's List to see if anyone had posted him missing.  The search for schnauzer and our subdivision came up empty.  Then I saw an ad about a stolen salt and pepper dog.  I hesitated to click.  The ad said the dog had been missing for only three days.  The pictures looked like our Buddy with longer hair. I decided to call, just in case.

The lady that answered the phone sounded hopeful.  She had explained her dog was missing and described him.  It sounded like Buddy.  I sent her a picture of him and she was excited that it might be her dog.  She was on her way to come see him.

The kids were devastated.  They didn't want Buddy to leave.  There was hope that maybe it wasn't her dog.

About thirty minutes after the phone call, the young woman stopped at our house.  Buddy started barking to protect his new family.  Then he saw that the young woman was his owner.  He jumped down and started jumping for her to pick him up.  She did and he kissed her all over her face.  The kids were happy for Buddy.

The young lady said Buddy had been a gift from her husband when they were engaged last year.  Buddy was staying at her parents, while they lived in an apartment.  Next month, they were to move into a house and Buddy was to join them.  Then he went missing.  She had been so worried.  Now she had him back.

Goodbye, Buddy.  It was fun having you around.