Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Floors are Done!

It has been a busy ten days and I am still not quite done getting the house back to normal.  It feels like we have moved twice, but the results have been worth it.  My new floors are gorgeous!

The flooring men arrived on Monday, November 24 and the fun began.  I had unloaded the pantry a few days before and had to do a few minor things before they arrived.  I had them start in the kitchen and dining area.  I was totally unaware at how the process would work.

Old floors in the kitchen and hallway.

Everything piled in the living room.

This was evidently the original floor!

New under layment

Then men were very professional and diligent in their work.  Their attention to details was amazing.

By the end of day one, we had a new layer of subfloor on the kitchen, dining and laundry room.  The children couldn't believe how large the area looked without furniture.

The workers started earlier on Tuesday morning.  They wanted to make sure all the vinyl planks were laid and room finished, by the end of the day.  They also, wanted to have the carpet in the living room pulled, pad removed, and subfloor prepped. 

New floor!

Carpet demo!

Everything piled in the dining and kitchen area.

Exposed subfloor

Wednesday held a surprise for all of us.  When the men went to remove the carpet in the hallway, they discovered a large wet spot on the subfloor.  The water valve leading to the ice maker had started to leak sometime Tuesday evening!

We had to call a plumber to have the valve replaced.  I had noticed the cold water valve in the laundry room had started to weep, as well. 

The men put a large fan in the hallway to dry out the spot and continued the work on the living room.  The plumber showed and replaced both valves.  If we had started the floors in the living and hallway first, we would have never known about the leak.  Thank goodness we started in the kitchen!

By the end of the day, the living and hallway had been prepped completely and ready for flooring.

Leak exposed and drying.

Under layment

Thursday started with another surprise!  I started a load of laundry before the flooring men arrived.  When I went to check on the laundry, there was water all over the floor.  I yelled for hubby.  We were in shock that the washer was 'leaking'.  Come to find out, the plumber did not put the drain hose in the drain! 

The flooring men were not happy with the plumber to say the least.  We got the water off the floor (thank goodness the floor was vinyl) and the hose put back.  The flooring men put their fans in the laundry area to dry everything out.  They then called the plumber to let him know what had happened.

By the end of the day, I had new floors in the living room and hallway.

New floor

Hallway is done!

Missy doesn't like the new floor.  She missed the carpet.  I've got to get her a doggy bed.

On Friday, we didn't have any surprises.  They were working in the bathrooms.  They did send me to get new tank bolts for our toilet.  He was afraid the old ones wouldn't hold and may leak.  So it was an easy fix.

Old bathroom floor

Hall bath with new floor.

Master bathroom new floor

We spent the weekend prepping the bedrooms.  I finished painting our room.  Hubby unloaded and took apart his desk.  The children worked in their rooms.  We bought a baby gate to keep the dogs from going down the hallway and into the bedrooms.  Needless to say, our fur babies are not happy with this new arrangement.

The floor men spent all day Monday putting carpet in the master bedroom.  I had to take Egee to an art class and left them to finish.  When I got home, I was amazed at how good the room looked.  The carpet made the room look so much bigger.  Gone was the pink!

The men finished the children's rooms on Tuesday.  The children were so happy to get new carpet in their rooms.  It really makes a huge difference.

I feel like I am living in a new house!