Monday, December 31, 2012

A Wonderful Way to Celebrate the Turning of A New Decade of Life

I had been asked over and over by my parents and hubby what I wanted for my birthday.  I had no idea.  I have everything I could want - loving family, new floors in the house, a travel trailer, etc.  I really had no wants or needs.  I didn't want nick-knacks that would create clutter, so what could I tell them.  I thought long and hard.  I wanted to get away from the monotony of daily life and enjoy time alone with my hubby.

I approached him with the idea of us taking a few days off alone to celebrate my fortieth birthday.  He said to pick the place and we would go.  My parents would watch the kids.  So, I chose my favorite place - Harbor Island.

I don't know what it is about the Low Country of South Carolina, but I feel relaxed and at home.  I call this place my home away from home and so do the children.  I had to keep the location of the getaway a secret from them.  They would certainly pitch a fit to come on our getaway.  I love taking them to the beach, but sometimes grownups need child free time.

It is funny how hubby and I can enjoy each other's company in complete silence.  On our drive we barely spoke.  We just enjoyed the sites and quietness that we never seem to get at home.  Peaceful, quiet bliss...

We took a walk on the beach and reminisced about the first time we set foot on Harbor Island six years ago.  How the beach had changed and how we had changed.  The one constant in life is change.

Our view of the dunes and ocean from the living room.

This is the view from the deck off the bedroom.
We dined at a local favorite - Johnson's Creek Tavern.  This little gem has fresh seafood, juicy steaks, and a nice view.  Many a famous actor has visited the dollar bill covered walls of the joint.  The cast and crew of Forest Gump ate many a meal here. 

Inside Johnson's Creek Tavern - the walls are covered in dollar bills.

The sign says it all - local and delicious!

We drove around Beaufort and Port Royal during our stay.  Visiting the Chocolate Tree for a delictable treat.  We strolled the waterfront and downtown of Beaufort.  We went to the Sands and took in the views of the marsh, river, and Parris Island.  We just enjoyed being together.

I took a two hour stroll of the beach alone.  This is my solitude.  Camera in hand, I snap pictures of nature.  I can never get enough of this place! 

Hubby took me to Boondocks for all you can eat crab legs.  He knows this is my favorite and graciously sits back after finishing his meal, letting me continue to crack the crab legs for the delicious sweet meat.  Boondocks cooks the crab legs to perfection!

I came home renewed from our getaway.  Ready to face the dawning of my next decade and the daily life of being a homeschooling mama. 

Until my next trip....