Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ice Skating Fun!

A southern child wanting to ice skate?  That would be my child!  It all started with an episode of Max and Ruby.  Then with the news his friend was going downtown to skate at the new outdoor rink.  Little Man had been bitten with the skate bug. 

He begged to go skating.  He promised to clean his room.  He was being an angel.  Oh, how he wanted to skate.  So being the good mom that I am, I searched for a place for him to skate in rainy weather.

I decided upon the Pavilion.  They had skating walkers to help people with skating.  Yea!  I figured with the skating walkers would provide the confidence to both children to skate because dear ol' mom doesn't know how to ice skate.

First time hitting the ice!

We headed out to skate Monday morning.  Not a moment to soon for Little Man.  He couldn't wait to hit the ice.  I helped them lace up and hit the rink.  Thank goodness for the skate walkers!  They were both hesitant at first, but after ten minutes they were cruising.

Lap after lap, they were going faster.  Little Man became braver and tried to figure eight with his walker.  Egee made laps and stopped to check on people that had fallen.  She always looks out for others.

At the end of an hour and a half of skating, Little Man ditched the skate walker.  He stayed close to the wall and shuffled along.  The smile on his face said it all!  He could skate!

Now his ready to go again!