Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Nutcracker

We enjoyed our first ballet on Friday.  The children were so excited to see the performance.  Little Man must have asked twenty times, when will it start.  He couldn't wait.  Egee was much more patient.

Ready for the ballet!

The auditorium was packed with adults and school children. Overall, the children in the audience were well behaved.  They were intrigued with the performers and music.  The majority of the children around us were with their parents.  I found out they were part of a school group that came to see their teacher in the ballet.  Their eyes gleamed when their teacher,  Rebecca Lee a.k.a The Sugar Plum Fairy, appeared.

During intermission, Andrew Kuharsky (director of Greenville Ballet and played Uncle Drosselmeyer) explained to the children a bit about the ballet.  He told them how the dancers have to mime on stage to help tell the story.  He explained how long it took to get ready for the show.  The dancers have been practicing since August!  He gave them insight into how the 'snow' worked and the magic tricks he performed.  The children were very intrigued.

This was such a wonderful opportunity to introduce the children to ballet.  Thank you to the Greenville Ballet Company for providing school children a chance to experience ballet.