Friday, December 7, 2012

Music Sandwiched In: Arbor Wind Trio

The children and I attended the bimonthly Music Sandwiched In program on Wednesday.  We were excited to hear a woodwind trio.  The performance was delightful! 

Little Man was especially fond of the bassoon.  He liked how it sounded and looked when the keys were being pressed and released.  He loved the tune from the Nutcracker entitled Chinese Dance.

Egee loved listening to the Christmas songs being played.  She hummed along and when the audience was asked to sing along, she did.

The woodwind trio was comprised of Mr. Chip Hill on clarinet, Mrs. Karen Hill on clarinet, and Mr. Frank Watson on bassoon.  The trio has been together for over 25 years.  Many of the pieces they played were arranged by them for the two clarinet and one bassoon set.  Most woodwind groups are quintets and pieces are written for such.  The trio has performed all over the world and we are very grateful to have them in our county.