Sunday, January 24, 2016

At Last Snow!

We finally are experiencing winter weather in the South!  We were wandering if winter would ever arrive.  We had cold snaps in early October and into November, but December arrived and it felt like spring.  January temperatures felt more like mid March weather and then things changed last week. Highs topped out in the mid 30s and lows in the teens.  Hopes for snow increased during the week. Then finally we were teased on Wednesday afternoon and evening with large wet snow flakes.  The weather man promised more would come on Thursday evening and all the kiddos in the area crossed their fingers and waited.

We woke on Friday to four inches of wet snow.  Not everyone in our county or nearby counties woke to the white stuff.  Posts flooded Facebook showing snow or the lack of it.  Little Man threw on clothes and headed out to play.  The weather had changed from snow to freezing rain and sleet throughout the day.  The neighborhood boys were bundled and didn't care what the weather was doing.  They were sledding and having a blast.

The freezing rain and sleet continued all day and finally changed over to a powdery snow Friday evening.  We accumulated three to four more inches of snow during the night hours.  This of course delighted the boys for a second day of winter fun.

Today, the snow is slowly melting, but not as fast as I had thought it would.  We have been home bound for three days now.  I don't like driving in the mess.  I like to stay inside and look out upon the winter wonderland and use the time as a reason to take a nice winter nap and just be still.

That is the beauty of a southern snowfall.  It sticks around for a couple of days and fades away.  The snow doesn't become gray and yucky looking.  It doesn't wear out its welcome.   It allows us to see a pretty side to an otherwise drab winter landscape.  Sometimes we only get one chance to see snow in the winter.  Other times we get two or three glimpses of this beauty.  We slow down and take a good look.

Our northern friends do get sick of the snow.  At least, that is what I am told by many.  The snow becomes grungy and stays too long.  These friends laugh at us Southerners when it snows.   However when they experience a southern snowfall, they realize how beautiful our snow is and how it doesn't wear out its welcome.  They come to appreciate it.