Thursday, January 7, 2016


Oh, the task of taking all the Christmas decorations down.  We pulled all the totes for Christmas decorations out of the attic on Sunday afternoon.  My nephew came up to help with the task of placing plywood down in the attic to create a floor.  We have had the plywood since last year, but haven't had the chance to pull all the totes out and complete the task.  A task, that I have been looking forward too!

My nephew was a tremendous help and we had the plywood put in place in thirty minutes.  It is wonderful to have a strapping young man to help out.  Little Man will be to that point in a few years. (My how fast they grow!)

Now, I have the task of organizing all the Christmas stuff into the totes.  I have removed broken nick-knacks, tangled ornament wires, things we no longer use, etc.  I am almost done with all of this.  I have categorized decorations into different totes.   Entry table decorations in one tote; mantle decorations in another; dining table items; books and music; tree ornaments; tree lights; outdoor lights; etc.  I truly hope this helps with decorating next year!

I had to purchase small totes for our Christmas village pieces.  I haven't put up the village in several years.  Partly due to the fact that the two boxes I had them packed were bulky and heavy.  I just didn't want to cart those down from the attic!  Now, I have four smaller totes with the village houses, train and track, and accessories that are manageable.  The village will definitely be displayed next year!

Once I get Christmas done, I will move on to other projects that need organization.