Tuesday, January 19, 2016

History, History, and Geography!

We are moving right along in our history studies.  If you haven't tried Mystery of History, you should pick up a copy and look into it.  We love it and have adapted it to fit our needs.  Since we do not test and quiz, we read the lessons aloud and discuss them.  It has given us many opportunities to relate ancient history to current events.  We have entered into the time period that Islam began and is being spread into the world.  Such a current topic now! 

History for us isn't about memorizing dates.  We like to see what things were like centuries ago and discuss how things have changed, how we seem to repeat history, why people do the things they do regardless of the time period, etc.  It leads to many relevant discussions and understandings. 

I have coupled World Geography with our history lessons this year and the pairing works terrific.  I especially like it when we are studying from two different books and the content merges.  We did not plan the merge, it just happens. 

Here are some things we read, discussed, and watched today: 

Learning the past and present is fun!