Monday, January 18, 2016

Owl Pellets!

Today, we headed out, bright and early, to The Schiele Museum.  Of course, it was one of the colder mornings we have had this winter.  Thank goodness for seat warmers in the car!  We picked up friends and off to our first dissection we went!

Egee wasn't too thrilled to learn about our trip to dissect owl pellets.  Especially, when she found out what an owl pellet was!  How is she my daughter?  I loved and still love dissecting things.  Not her, but she knew there was no way around it and didn't grumble much. 

Little Man was indifferent. He likes adventure, but owl pellets didn't seem overly exciting to him.  Oh well, he enjoyed it once we began.

They both did a great job picking out the small rodent bones from the fur of the pellet.  It was like an archaeology dig!  Their friends had a great time, as well. 

Afterwards, we explored the museum and had lunch out.  We just love being able to enjoy adventures with our home school friends.