Saturday, January 9, 2016

It's Basketball Season!

Little Man began his third year of basketball.  He wanted to switch to Upward Basketball and we agreed to let him.  He is loving it!  Today was the first game of the season and he took it all in stride.  Of course, he is ten and ten year olds have to be calm and cool!  As mom, I was not to hover, make a fuss, and instruct.  I played my part around him.  Of course, I cheered for him.  He gave me the knowing look.  He is growing up, yet still likes mom to be there and watch him.  I always will be his number one fan!  He likes that. 

For a team that has had only three practices and never played a game together, the boys did a great job.  They listened to their coach and remembered what he had told them when on the court.  The boys did an excellent job at defense and offense.  I was really surprised at how well they played.  I think the coach was surprised, too! 

Our boys won the game and showed superb sportsmanship.  The gentleness of their coaches and character they display around the boys paid off.  They instruct and encourage and they don't punish with extra laps.  The boys want to prove their coach proud and they did!  Way to go Jayhawks!