Friday, January 1, 2016

Compassion Experience

We took friends with us this year to experience the Compassion Experience.  Last year, when we went we gained a new understanding of what children in third world countries face.  It was very eye opening for my children and we wanted our friends to have a better understanding.

We learned about the childhoods of Julian and Ruben on this trip.  We walked through the recreation of their homes and struggles.  We listened to their stories of overcoming dire situations and how the Compassion program helped them.  Our friends were touched, just like we were last year.

During my walk through the experience and listening to the different stories, I kept reflecting on the child we sponsor.  What would her rooms look like?  What would her story sound like?  She came to the Compassion program and waited quite sometime for a sponsor.  We have been her sponsor now for almost a year.  I write to her a couple of times a month.  We receive letters from her.  She sounds happy in her letters.  She is lucky and has both parents and siblings living with her.  So many of these children only have one parent.  I pray for her and her family.

Our friends decided to sponsor a child after the experience.  They are excited to get to know their child.  This is such a worthwhile cause and I know they will be moved like we were.  If you are able to visit a Compassion Experience near you, please do so.  It is worth the time.  You may just take home another child!