Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thank Goodness for School?

I find it quite interesting when people say, "Thank goodness there is school tomorrow" or "Thank goodness school starts back soon."  These exasperated individuals are actually thankful to send their children off to strangers!  When they say it towards me and expect a response of agreement, I just look at them and say "Not us, we home school!"  Then a look overcomes their face.  They don't know what to say.  They are facing an individual that doesn't send their children off to strangers to have peace.  Once they overcome the shock, a mutter of 'I could never do that with mine,' is heard.

Why do so many people not want to be around their children all day?  I remember when I wanted to have children.  I wanted to be with them all the time.  My heart ached knowing that I would have to leave my little bundle at daycare when school (work) started back.  I wanted to stay home, but at the time we just couldn't afford it.  I never said, 'Thank goodness, you have to go to school or daycare tomorrow!'  I sacrificed my own schedule to be able to spend as much time, after work, with my children.  Then finally, we got to a point that we no longer had to rely upon my job.  Being at home has made a big difference for us and homeschool was a passion I had wanted for my children all along.

I know that not everyone can afford to stay home with their children.  I understand that two income families struggle to pay the bills.  I sympathize with those wanting to stay home with their children and simply cannot afford it.  However, when I hear the 'thank goodness,' start, I wander why did they have children in the first place.  Did they not understand the sacrifice?  Did they think that children are naturally well behaved?  Do they not want to mold their children into pleasant individuals they would like to spend time with?  Have they thought about how the little darling, that they cannot stand to spend all day with, reeks havoc in a classroom all day?  Oh, yeah that is the teacher's responsibility. 

I feel sorry for the children that are dropped off at daycare when the doors open and not picked up until the last possible moment.  Or the children that are placed on school buses at six thirty in the morning and don't arrive back home until after five in the evening.  There are others that are then hustled to one activity to another and then back home only to be put to bed.  Children crave interaction with their parents.  But with busy schedules and activities, parental interaction is just a brief moment here and there.

So, no, I will not say or agree with the 'Thank goodness for school,' comments.  We say, "Thank goodness we homeschool!"