Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bringing Home Samson

We have a new addition to our house!  Samson arrived last Friday evening.  He is a black Labrador retriever.

Little Man picked him out of a litter of nine remaining puppies.  Both his parents are hunting dogs and come from a line of hunting dogs.  We are hoping the Samson will follow in their paws.

He is quite the little fellow.  Like his momma and daddy, he too is laid back.  Sally B and Missy aren't quite sure what to think about him.  He blends in with shadows and is hard to see.  So, he scares them when he pops out of nowhere.  Our cat, Molly, is in utter disbelief that we have once again brought another dog into her house! 

His favorite napping spot is on the chest of a willing human.  He snuggles his muzzle into the crook of the person's neck and drifts off.  He goes from running around to sleep in a matter of seconds.

Crate training is on going and, like taking care of a newborn, sleep for me can be intermittent.  He wants to cuddle me all night!

His smallness at the moment will be fleeting and, like all young, he will grow.  I am enjoying this sweet cuddle time!