Saturday, October 12, 2013

Oktoberfest at Music Sandwiched In

The children were delighted to find out the Foothills Oompah Band was going to perform again this year at Music Sandwiched In.  They had such a blast listening and singing along last year.

We rushed from the Inman Library program to the Headquarters Library for Music Sandwiched In.  Little Man did not want to miss it.  Egee was just as excited.

We made it with time to spare.  The front row seats that the children love were still available.  We settled in and waited to hear familiar tunes.

Egee was all smiles when they began to play the "Too Fat Polka."  She really gets a kick out of it.  Little Man claps along and has a grand time.

 John Hoppe - Trumpet and Vocals

Vince Demor - Accordion

The audience enjoys the sing along interaction with the band.  Everyone claps to the beat and smiles abound.  It is a wonderful feel good time.

 Kemp Williams Leader and Drummer

 Matthew Hanna - Clarinet and Vocals

Egee participated in the Chicken Dance.  She wasn't going to at first, but was a good sport when they asked her.  She enjoyed it.  Little Man wouldn't budge.  Maybe next year, he will decide to participate.

We hope to see them again next year!