Saturday, October 12, 2013

Croft State Park Fun

We had a play date the other day at Croft State Park.  We had never explored the park before and were delighted at the chance to go. 

Egee begged to bring Sally B with us.  I obliged and both children and dog were excited to go on an adventure.

We got to the park a tad early and explored the lake area.  Sally B was excited to sniff and explore the unfamiliar territory.  Little Man naturally gravitated to the water's edge.  He was looking for minnows.  Both children spotted the covered boat shed.  They were intrigued at the possiblity of boat rentals.  Not today, I told them.

We drove through the campsites and schemed about bringing the travel trailer down for a weekend camp out.  Sally B hung her head out the window and enjoyed the crisp air and faint smells of campfires. 

We made our way to the playground to meet up with our play group.  Both children explored the set.  Soon, our group arrived and new friends were made.  The children played and the adults talked.  After a quick lunch, we began our trek to the creek.

We made our way along the Palmetto Trail to the Fairforest Creek.  It was a nice easy hike.  The children discovered snails and spider webs.  They shuffled through the leaf litter and chatted.  I found a hatchling snapping turtle lying on its back in the leaf litter.  Poor little guy!  I picked him up to show the children.  The turtle was only a few days old and so vulnerable.  The children passed him around to get a better look and then we release him back to the wild.

After a few minutes, we made it to the creek.  The children naturally flocked to the water.  The creek is quite picturesque.  Although the temperature was not unberably hot, the children still got into the cold creek.  There was a nice swimming hole area and a bridge to cross from one side to the other side of the creek.  They had a blast!

When it was finally time to go back home, they were asking when we would get to return.  I don't blame them for wanting to go back.  We will definitely be making Croft State Park a regular spot!