Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Entrepreneur

Little Man has ventured into running his own business.  Following in his father's footsteps into self-employment, he has opened a lemonade stand. 

He was admit on selling lemonade.  He ran around the house gathering materials for a sign.  He employed Egee to write the sign for him.  Instructed me to make the lemonade.  He then found cups for the lemonade and a stick for his sign.

It was so hot and muggy outside, but he was deterred.   I carried the table out for him and he followed with his chair.  I figured he needed some shade, so I drug the umbrella stand and umbrella out for shade. 

Poor little fellow, he sat in the hot, humid weather sweating and not one customer.  He didn't give up.  I told him to close his stand and get ready for Aikido.  As he closed up shop, he got a customer!  He came running into the house, yelling.  I thought something was wrong.  When I asked what the matter was, he held up two quarters and said he sold a cup of lemonade.  He was ecstatic!

When we came home from Aikido, he sat his stand up again.  He sold four cups of lemonade in thirty minutes.  Now, he was 'rich'!

The wheels in his head were turning.  He was planning his next move.  He asked if he could get up early and set up his stand.  I asked why, and he said he was going to sell to the people walking their dogs and exercising in the morning. Of course, I told him yes. 

So this morning, he had recruited his friend K-Man to help in sells.  They began setting up the stand at 7:30.  I have made a fresh batch of lemonade.  Egee has gone out to help and the three are having a blast! 

Little Man, Egee, and K-Man waiting for a customer.

Sales Alert:  They just sold another cup!