Monday, July 23, 2012

Waterpark Fun!

The kids were invited to a birthday party on Saturday.  They could not wait to go!  The birthday party was at a local water park.  I typically don't take the kids to water parks.  (As a child, I received a severe sunburn at a water park and didn't have much of a positive experience.)  They didn't even know one existed near us, until today.  To my surprise the park was nice and well taken care.  We will probably go back next year.

 Our adventure to Shipwreck Cove was awesome, according to  Little Man.  He and the birthday boy had a blast sliding down the water slides, floating down the lazy river, playing on the splash pad, and swimming in the pool.

  Egee wasn't left out of the fun.  She and the birthday boy's sister had a wonderful time.  Egee even made a new friend at the park.  I have to admit I even had a good time!

Little Man heading to the lazy river as Birthday Boy tries to catch up.

Little Man talking to a new friend.

Waiting to go down the slide.

Little Man just splashed into the pool from the slide.
Egee's turn to enter the water!

Little Man playing pirates with the other boys.

Little Man in the lazy river.

Wow that was fun!

Egee getting cool under the spray of the palm trees.