Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sleepover Fun!

The children have been begging for a sleepover.  We are good friends with another homeschool/aikido family and all the kids have been wanting to get together and play.  I decided that they could have their sleepover at our house and let my friend have some peace and quiet.  She has been through a lot in the past few months and I know she could use a break.

The 'party' began Tuesday afternoon.  We met up for a play at the library.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the "Wand of Dreams".  We stopped by the grocery store to pick up items for the sleepover.  Who couldn't resist doughnuts to get everyone pumped up the next morning?  Can we get?  I want?  Was the theme of our outing.  Everyone picked out their Aikido snack and a Powerade to enjoy later.

Once home we unpacked all the necessary supplies C-Man and Princess brought.  Now the fun began.  Little Man and C-Man ran to get the play guns, so they could 'hunt'.  They like to pretend the dogs are deer.  The dogs, especially Missy, are not to fond of being deer.  Sally B just looks at the boys and goes back to doing whatever she feels like.  Missy runs for cover!

Egee and Princess spent time painting their nails in multiple hues.  Princess was looking so forward to doing nails, hair, and playing barbies.  Egee was happy that Princess is finally getting older and plays like she does.  (Princess is only two weeks older than Little Man, so an almost four year gap between Egee and Princess.)

The boys have never been affected by the age gap.  (C-Man is turning eleven next week, so he is four and a half years older than Little Man.)  I guess boys don't really care about age differences.  They like to play ball, run, jump, 'hunt', and do other boy things, so age isn't an issue.

Their mother and I joke about how one day Princess,who has already declared her love and proposed marriage to Little Man, will marry and Egee and C-Man will marry.  We would be in-laws twice!

I took the children to Aikido and they all did two classes (my secrete plan to wear them out)!  We came home and ate supper, then went swimming.  They had a blast releasing the remaining energy they had.

The boys 'camped' in the living room and went to sleep fast!  The girls, however, did not want to succumb to slumber.  I believe they finally closed their eyes around midnight.

The next day brought about energized children that had their fill of sugary doughnuts.  We incorporated some fun science school work into our day.  I chose the Bernoulli principle for our lesson.  This kept them entertained for quite some time.  It was amazing that a few ping pong balls, straws and a hair dryer could keep them entertained for so long!

We had to take Egee to the chiropractor and stop to get balloons.  So off we went!  The children were well behaved in public.  It was much different taking four children out, but we made it. 

The remainder of the afternoon was spent making hovercrafts, reading a few chapters in Little Man's book on the Olympics, and watching a video on Ancient Greece.  I was beat and thankful that Aikido time was almost here!

We had a great time and will plan another sleepover, after I recover from this one!