Monday, July 2, 2012

The Hot Camping Trip

Two weeks ago, we decided to go camping along with my parents.  Dad wanted to camp at Crooked Creek.  We agreed to camp there,  although hesitant with the lack of trees at the campground.  Dad was getting the prop on the boat fixed and we could enjoy the lake.  So with the lure of being on the boat, we made reservations.

Our first trip out with my parents in their motor-home, resulted in the discovery their hot water heater leaked.  My father's job was to fix the hot water heater, so we could camp together. 

We had experienced a wonderful camp out on our own to Thermal City and could not wait to camp again. So with the date set and fairly reasonable temperatures throughout June, we expected a great trip.

As the date for our trip closed in, the forecast of temperatures increased.  It was too late to cancel our trip, when we discovered the news of a heat wave coming.  Oh well, we had air conditioning in the trailer and we felt confident we could stay cool.  So off we went, to the campground with little shade.

No trees at the sites, only along the banks.
The heat was horrible!  The a.c. unit worked hard to keep the trailer cool.  No shade to give it a break, the a.c. continued to run and pour water off the roof.  It kept the trailer a cool 80 degrees compared to a blistering 103+ degrees outdoors.

29 Clear
Actual: 105 | 67
Precip: 0.00
Average: 90 | 69
Precip: 0.14
30 Rain
Actual: 103 | 76
Precip: 0.00
Average: 90 | 69
Precip: 0.13

We swam at the pool to try and cool off.  The water felt like warm bath water.  However, it stopped the constant sweating.

The pool at Crooked Creek

As night fell, the temperatures barely budged.  By ten o'clock it was 90 degrees!  We went to bed with the air down low and the fans on high.  We woke to a cold camper and finally felt relief!

It was short lived.  The temperatures began to climb and once again, the whole process of trying to stay cool began.  We took the boat out on the water.  It was nice at first, but as the sun rose higher, we began to bake.  Back to the trailer we went to seek some relief.  Then to the pool for more relief.

Finally night came, we knew that it would be a must to break camp early the next day and head back home.  Thank goodness we left early, the temperatures for the day reached 107 degrees!