Monday, July 16, 2012

Sally B goes camping

The kids were excited to take Sally B to Thermal City.  We hooked the trailer up to the truck and Sally promptly jumped up between the kids and sat.  She was ready to go bye-bye.

Sally B enjoying her ride to the campground.

When we arrived and set up camp, she was enthusiastically sniffing the air and looking at her new surroundings.  She happily trotted along as the children took her on a walk of the grounds.  Once camp was set up, it began to rain.  We made our way into the camper and Sally B made herself right at home.

Nothing like a little doggie nap listening to the rain.

We took her down to the river and she enjoyed wading in the cool water.  She however, did not like the cool water touching her belly.  She was fascinated with the shoals and small waterfalls.  She was constantly on the look out for frogs and bugs to chase, a doggy paradise!

Keeping an eye on the children.  Always on guard!

Little Man throwing rocks.
Panning for gold.

Enjoying cool water.

Headed upstream.

Sally B loved mornings in the camper.  I always fix bacon and eggs when we camp on the weekends.  She loves bacon!

Waiting on the bacon!

Sitting on the wheel well under the table waiting for a handout.
When night came, Sally B was exhausted.  She jumped up on the couch and promptly fell asleep.

Another day of adventure awaited with a trip up to Mt. Mitchell.  She was ready to explore!

On the way back to the camper, traveling is tiring.
We had a full weekend of fun!  Now it will take a week for her to recover.

Sound asleep on the trip back home!