Thursday, July 19, 2012

Boys and Food

What is it about boys and food?  As I drive down the road, Little Man knows every restaurant we pass.  He remembers places we have eaten at once many years ago and gives a food critique.  His sister barely remembers eating at some of these places.  It amazes me to no avail that he recalls everything that deals with food. 

We have been listening to the various books in the Little House series.  As we listened to 'Farmer Boy', I took note at all the references to foods eaten by the Wilders.  Almanzo had to tell Laura of his childhood for her to write the story, and he recalled all the foods he had eaten!  He goes into great details of all the goodies his mother fixed and how they tasted.  Almanzo was in his seventies when Laura began writing her books and he recalled the days of eating his mother's pancakes, doughnuts, cakes, pies, and fried apples and onions.  Will my son be able to recall all his favorites from childhood as well?

The saying a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, has much truth to it.  This starts out when the man is a boy!  Little Man will be so cranky when he gets hungry, but once I begin fixing his meal he becomes ecstatic.  Telling me how much he loves the food I make him, how much he loves me, how this is the best food he has ever had, etc.  If the meal is particulary pleasing, he will get up and hug me several times.  I had no idea how much boys enjoy food.

Hubby and I joke about how we could drop Little Man off in a remote location and he could find his way home by smelling food.  When he found civilization he could find his way home by recognizing  the restaurants for landmarks. 

Oh well, I love cooking for my little man and big man.  So, I am glad that Little Man takes such joy in eating my creations.  He will definitely have to marry a good cook to keep him happy when the time comes!