Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Day Out with MeeMee

The kids and I enjoyed a day out with MeeMee.   Summer is winding down and school is starting back, so MeeMee will be working again. 

We decided to go to Cooley Farms and pick up peaches and blackberries.  The blackberry crop is almost finished for the summer and we had yet to make a trip to get these delicious berries.  MeeMee had never been to Cooley's and today was a perfect day to go. 

The children sampled the different varieties of freestone peaches, of course each had their own favorite!  So, we bought some of each.  The general consensus was for the O'Henry yellow peach.

Egee's favorite - O'Henry yellow peach

Little Man's favorite - White Rose white peach
My favorite - blackberries
After we picked out the sweet tasting fruit, we headed over to the cafe.  Burgers and ice cream was a special treat!

On our way back home, we drove up to Landrum to visit the Hospice Thrift Barn.  I normally find odds and ends to add to our homeschooling collection of games and books.  The children like going to treasure hunt.  A dollar can buy quite a bit there!

A favorite stop when in Landrum.

Today was no exception to finding 'treasures'.  MeeMee even found a few books for her classroom.

I had been looking for star maps at Barnes and Noble, but had not had success within my budgeted amount to spend.  Today, a man at the Thrift Barn was stocking books and asked if I was looking for anything specific.  I told him we homeschool and I just pick up things that I think I can use.  He said he would be right back and brought back a big box of books.  The 'Starfinder' just happened to be in the box! 
Not a bad find for a dollar!

 This game is for beginning readers to advanced learners!  A wonderful addition for both children to use.

Science Stuff!

This kit had never been opened and only cost three dollars!

We ended up with several books to go with the above goodies and spent a grand total of ten dollars.  I just love the Thrift Barn!  I think MeeMee will be asking to go back soon to our treasure spot.

Overall, we had a wonderful outing.  To bad MeeMee has to go back to school next week.