Monday, August 13, 2012

River Creek

We went camping over the weekend.  This time we decided to try a new location - River Creek Campground.

River Creek Campground is a quaint little place.  Located on the Broad River and just 10 miles from Chimney Rock Village, makes it a great spot to just getaway for the weekend.  I first stumbled upon this little jewel when searching for a place to tent camp.  They have wonderful tent sites!  However, we now have our travel trailer and camped at a site just for rv's.  Their rv sites are very nice and most are riverfront.

Nice shaded sites!

Concrete patios and nice picnic tables. 

Our view of the Broad River.

River Creek Campground offers tubing Monday thru Friday.  We didn't arrive in time to tube.  Lake Lure releases water from the dam during the week and the Broad River rises one to three feet during the release.  When we arrived the water was still running high and fast.  Definitely too fast for the children to safely play in the river.  When we awoke on Saturday morning, the water level had dropped and the river was more of a babbling brook.
Another view from our campsite.

We took a short trip into Chimney Rock Village.  The weather was overcast and muggy!  The children had never been to Lake Lure or Chimney Rock and we wanted to let them see it.  The weather was too threatening for a trip to The Beach at Lake Lure or a hike to the top of Chimney Rock, so we drove and looked at the sites.

Heading toward Lake Lure.

Lake Lure

Lake Lure

Lake Lure

Chimney Rock Village
Chimney Rock Village

Chimney Rock - you can see the flag waving.

A view of Hickory Nut Falls.

We at lunch at Laura's House Restaurant.  They have delicious cakes, so we all split a slice after lunch.  Yummy!

We ventured across the street to explore the Rocky Broad River.  This is a nice park for kids to climb on rocks, cross bridges and enjoy nature.

After we spent time exploring, we made our way through a few shops on the way back to the truck.
Little Man wanted an Indian headdress, but decided he didn't want to depart with his cash.

Egee found one to match her shirt!

 We made the trip back to the campground and enjoyed a quiet evening exploring the river and campground.  The children loved the arcade area and tried their hand at billiards.

Another successful camping trip!  We will definitely return later this fall.  Can't wait to take the children up to Chimney Rock and let them see the views. 

Hubby finishing packing the hoses.

Kids in the truck and ready to head home.

Bicycles and grill ready for the return home.