Sunday, August 26, 2012

Painting - Part One

My sister came over yesterday to help paint.  I had removed all the wall paper border from the hallway and it became the starting point for the remodel.

Border down!  Now I just had to remove the pictures, so we could start painting.
My sister loves to paint.  She was so excited to get to help.  I was excited to have someone help.

I had my paint colors picked out and decided to paint the walls half dark and half light.  I figured having a young boy in the house that loved to run his hands down the wall, it would be smart to have a dark color on the bottom half of the wall.  Hubby was not to keen on my idea.  So, I painted a test strip to show him.

The test strip.  I made sure it was as level as possible using my four foot level.

Spiced Vinegar on top, stoney fields on bottom

Close up!
He still wasn't sold on the idea.  I told him we could put up a chair rail to separate the colors.  However, I was hoping once I had pictures back on the walls everything would fall in place.

We began painting and the walls were a breeze!  The paint rolled on great.  I cut in the top as my sister rolled the walls.  We were done by lunch and planned on doing the trim after.

The trim was a chore!  We taped and painted.  Hunter green was a pain to cover.  We worked on the trim for four hours!  I believe we applied three coats of off white enamel.  Then my sister had to leave.  I worked for another hour before calling it quits for the day.

Working on the trim.  See the blue painters tape.
I put a fourth coat of paint on the trim this afternoon. I then touched up the wall paint.  It was so satisfying to have the hall finished.

Hubby mentioned that the chair rail would look good.  I told him to wait and see what he thought after I put the pictures on the wall.  So, I decided to go ahead and put the pictures up tonight.

The finished product!

After I had the pictures were hung, he agreed, no need for a chair rail.  Now to finish it off, I just have to wait for my new floors!