Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Lost Tooth

Little Man finally lost his first tooth!  All of his friends have lost several teeth over the past year, but not one tooth was loose in his mouth.  It hadn't bothered him too much, at least until the last month.  You see he is six and a half and losing teeth are starting to be a big deal.

About three weeks ago, he noticed a wiggle in one of his lower front teeth.  He was excited.  Finally a loose tooth.  He wiggled it with his tongue and finger daily.  Then he noticed the one next to it would wiggle.  Two loose teeth! 

Questions started to arise about the Tooth Fairy and the monetary value of teeth.  Egee began to fill him in on how the Tooth Fairy works.  At our house, the Tooth Fairy pays five dollars for the first tooth.  Every tooth after receives a dollar.  The wheels began to turn in Little Man's head of what he could purchase with Tooth Fairy money.

Yesterday during his school lessons, he wiggled his tooth as he listened to the story.  I think he was more intent on wiggling the tooth than on the story of Anansi.  Then out came the tooth!  All lessons stopped as we admired his tooth.  He had many questions about his tooth, so we had a mini lesson on teeth.  I just love being able to switch gears and teach in the moment to the children. 

Little Man's tooth

Showing his 'tooth hole' as he puts it.

The tooth was place in a ziplock bag for safe keeping.  He put the bag under his pillow and this morning he found a five dollar bill in the bag.  Now he is asking to go to the store!