Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wall Paper, Ugh!

Oh, how I despise wall paper.  I am trying to get all the walls prepped to paint and this involves the removal of wall paper and wall paper border.  The person that owned the house previously, loved wall paper border.  I think she used super glue in some places to adhere it to the walls in the kitchen and dining area.

I was pleasantly surprised that the hall and living room border was fairly easy to remove.  The ease of removal in this area prompted me to tackle the hall bath.  I was hoping for the same experience in there.

Wall paper border in the hall and living area.

Border coming down.

Border is down!  You can see the maroon wall color that was under the border.

The children wanted to help, so I assigned them the lower walls of the bathroom.  Letting them soak the wall paper with water to loosen the adhesive.  It wouldn't matter if they made a mess in there.  As I worked on the hallway, they 'painted' the walls with water.  Then they tried to remove the paper.  They started to complain that the paper wouldn't come off.  I told them to try harder.  They insisted they needed my scrapper.

Bathroom wall paper

Little Man soaking the wall paper.
 I stopped working on the hallway, I went to check on their progress.  Sure enough, the wall paper was stuck very well to the wall.  I used the scrapper to pry off a piece.  They pulled off the piece and we discovered another type of wall paper underneath!  Great, just what I needed!  Did I mention that I despise wall paper?

I instructed the children to continue to soak the wall and the I would deal with the bathroom later.

Egee trying to scrape the paper.  You can see the original wall paper under this paper.
Yesterday, I built up the courage to tackle the front half of the bathroom.  The paper had been soaked and I thought it would be easier to remove.  I soaked the paper again, peeled off a small section, resoaked,  scrapped, peeled, and repeated over a thousand times!  Four hours later, I had successfully removed almost all the wall paper in the front half of the jack and jill bathroom.

Making progress!

Ta-da!  Wall paper removed from the front half of the bathroom.

Looking at the bare walls was a nice reward.  The bathroom looks larger and brighter.  Little Man told me the room is actually bigger.  Egee argued it was not, it just looked that way.  That is when Little Man grabbed a piece of wall paper and told her that it came off the wall and that the room was that much bigger.  He is right.  The room did grow by a couple of millimeters!