Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Things Are Getting Busy

September is finally upon us.  School is in full swing.  Baseball practice started.  Tumbling kicked off.  Library classes will begin tomorrow.  Music Sandwiched In programs will begin.  Field trips are planned.  Aikido classes are here.  Fall chores are begging to be completed.  Saturdays are now football days.   A new season has arrived.

I love the turning of seasons, especially autumn.  The air outside just feels different.  The temperature may still linger in the upper eighties for us, but it isn't the same as the summer heat.  A breeze is constantly blowing at our house.  Leaves on the ornamental cherry tree are turning yellow and dropping.  The oaks are not far behind.  A freshness is in the air.

Our evenings are filled with Aikido, tumbling and baseball.  Trying to plan a night for a bonfire is proving difficult.  I will continue to cut branches and ready the trees for their slumber.  We will definitely have plenty to burn.

Garden beds are in need of attention.  I am still trying to decide how I want to plan the garden for next spring.  It is a never ending process. 

I have several volunteer trees that need to be transplanted.   Deciding upon their new spots has been difficult and I'm still not sure.

I want to put in a living fence to enclose our yard.  I have started with a small sixteen foot section of blackberries, but have over three hundred more feet to go!  Finding time to work on this will have to wait until other fall chores have been accomplished.

The lazy days of summer and pool use have dwindled.  I must think about closing the pool or keep it going throughout the winter.  I've done both in the past.  I thought last winter was going to be harsh and closed the pool.  Wandering if I should take a chance for this winter.

Oh, there are other things on my never ending list:  a fall party, redoing the rv roof, camping trips, baseball tournaments, fall festivals, etc.  The season will fly by and hopefully my list will be completed.  So, now I am off to start chipping away at it.