Friday, September 27, 2013

Music Sandwiched In - Daniel Z

We attended our first Music Sandwiched In performance for the school year, this week.  We delighted that our friends joined us for the jazz performance.  The children ate lunch and anxiously waited for the program to begin.

The musician was Daniel Z of Jazz Vibes.  The children were intrigued by the vibraphone he had on stage to play.  Typically, when we heard it was a jazz performance, we expected the trumpets and saxophones.  This was not the case.  It was just Daniel Z and his vibraphone.  He had the other instruments recorded to accompany him.  (The other musicians could not make it to the program.)  That was okay.  The children were able to focus solely on the one instrument.

Daniel played many different tunes during the gig.  He went from the slow melodic jazz to upbeat sambas.  Little Man couldn't help moving his feet and drumming on the arms of the chairs to the beat.  He totally got lost in the music.  I love seeing him embrace music.  Egee was focused on the mallets hitting the vibraphone.

Daniel told the audience a bit about the history of the vibraphone.  We learned it is a fairly modern invention (early 1900s).  It is an American instrument that is similar to the xylophone.  It can be played with mallets or oddly enough, a violin bow!

Daniel Z played a tune using the bow.  It gave the instrument an eerie sound at times.  It reminded me of the sound produced by playing glasses filled with water.

We enjoyed listening to Daniel Z of Jazz Vibes!