Thursday, September 26, 2013


We attended the Headquarters' Library Program on spyology.  As we entered the room, Mrs. Jane had the 'Mission Impossible' song playing.  She had found a copy that the (Clemson) Tiger Band had recorded.  The children took a seat on the floor and listened to music as class began.  Little Man was excited to learn about spies.  He loves to play ninja, so spies fit into the element of secrecy.

Mrs. Jane started the class by explaining what spies are.  She showed them various books and gave them background information about spy programs.  She told them about early spies in history and asked the children if they knew of any spies in ancient times.  She informed the children that women have also been spies.  Some of the boys couldn't believe that a woman would be a spy.  The picture of Mati Hari looked more like a gypsy than a spy to them.  Mrs. Jane also showed the children modern spy gadgets from a book. The boys really enjoyed that!


One, of the children, was asked to dress up as various spies.  He would give the others clues to try and figure out what spy he was representing.  The class enjoyed guessing the spy.

Mrs. Jane had set up several stations for the children to make disguises and crack secret codes.  They readily cut out mustaches, eyebrows, beards, and glasses to conceal their identity.  They tried on hats, wigs, scarves and ties.  They fluttered from one station to the next.

Cutting out their mustaches.

Little Man was a master of disguises!

 They worked together to crack the secret codes on a worksheet.

Everyone enjoyed their morning at spy school!