Monday, September 23, 2013

Making Rope

Mr. Jack had the children busy with another hands on science lesson.  He is great at taking everyday items and turning them into so much more.  The lesson was to make rope.

Mr. Jack explaining how friction plays a role in making rope strong.

He explained to the children how friction is an important factor in making the rope strong.  He started the lesson by taking two books and intertwining their pages.  He then had the books 'threaded' together and asked the children, if they thought the books could easily be pulled apart.  The younger children believed it would be easy to pull apart.  He asked for a volunteer to pull the books apart.  To the children's surprise the books were very hard to pull apart.  He had them hooked.

Mr. Jack showed the children the materials that they would use to make rope.  He demonstrated making rope with toilet paper.  He had them pull apart the toilet paper and it easily tore.  Next, he showed them how twist the ends and how it made the paper stronger.  He then told them to let the paper curl upon itself creating the braid they see in rope.  Next, he told them to twist the paper again.  The more they could twist and allow the paper to fold upon itself, the stronger it would become.

He also provided polyfiber, cotton balls, and newspaper strips.  The children got into groups and began making their 'rope'.  Excitement filled the room as 'rope' was being made.  They tried pulling it apart.  Sometimes it broke easily and they started over.  It was trial and error.  The children experimented for forty minutes.  I believe they would have continued for an hour or more!