Monday, September 23, 2013

The Season Has Begun

Fall baseball season has officially started.  Practices began a month ago and now the games have started.  Five of the boys from the spring team are on the fall team.  We have picked up six more boys.

Surprisingly the boys are playing great together.  Little Man is in left field this season and occasionally in center.  He has a great arm and when he pulls it all together is quite accurate.  He really wants to be able to pitch in another year.  I have told him he has to pay attention and have great aim.  He is really putting in the effort to get there.

Last year, he wasn't really hot at bat.  It was hit and miss.  This season he is hitting!  He is starting to hit the ball consistently shallow into the outfield.  He has made it on base and scored a few times.  His confidence is growing with every game.

Every boy on the team is hitting and we are winning.  That is a big step from the spring.  Our little spring team went 2-8 for the regular season.  The fall team is 2-0!

They still need to work on defense.  It will come.

I believe they are going to do great as long as they keep trying their best and don't lose focus.  The coaches are great at driving in sportsmanship and correcting their mistakes.  They are keeping the boys from getting a big head.

Here is to a great season of Little League Baseball!