Wednesday, September 25, 2013

House Cleaning

One fact of life being home 24/7 with children is the constant mess they make.  Little messes here and there, often turn into one huge mess if they are not taken care of in a timely manner.  Now, I am no OCD housekeeper.  I would rather be outdoors working in the garden or enjoying the pool.  However, the house must be cleaned.  And yes, I know, that one day I will miss seeing all of the messes, but that day often seems very far off.

Mondays and Thursdays are designated laundry days in our home.  Thursdays are also house cleaning days. Although, I vacuum our floors on an every other day schedule, it is amazing how much gunk is drug into the home from children and pets!  Especially from the boy factor!

How does one really keep a house clean?  I read the organizing posts and magazine articles, but do these people really live in reality?  After I mop the floors, it never fails that a child or animal will make a mess.  Last week it was a full glass of sweet tea spilled on a freshly mopped floor.  The time before that, the dog had a major accident.  Now if I don't mop, nothing major takes place.  Must be karma.

How many of you have just folded all the laundry and then another basket full of dirty laundry appears?  Egee is horrible about this.  Therefor, she has been shown how to use the washer and dryer. Little Man is next on the list!

The children's rooms are there domain.  However, I do insist at a certain point the room be cleaned.  It is usually when I can no longer walk into the room without stepping on items all over the floor.  Egee is getting better at cleaning her room without me suggesting it.  Little Man could care less about a clean room.  Although, he is very proud of a clean room once it does get cleaned.  

The children are in charge of cleaning their bathroom.  (Although, I must point out the need for them to clean it.)  Egee will unload the dishwasher. (Her new job!)  Little Man will load the dishwasher. (His new job!) They are old enough to take on more responsibility around the house.

So, here is to another day of cleaning!  Maybe the house will stay clean a bit longer.