Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Turtle Pond Part II

I moved our red slider turtles outdoors back in the spring.  Everything was going well.  The turtles enjoyed their new home, even though the weather was cool then warm and back to cool.  We added twelve feeder goldfish to the pond to eat excess turtle food and serve as a food source for the turtles, if needed.  With the continuous rain the pond stayed full.  A severe algal bloom caused a soupy green appearance for a week.  I purchased a fish safe algaecide and  the water cleared in three days.  All was going well after the algal bloom.

The kids and I went on a road trip mid-July.  I called Hubby to remind him to feed the turtles.  He did and text me that the water in the pond was low.  He added more water and everything was fine.  He left on his business trip with the pond full of water.  The kids and I returned three days, after his departure, and found a near empty pond.  The poor turtles and fish had about three inches of water in the pond!  I immediately filled the pond and sighed a breath of relief that the filter had not fried itself.

I have checked the pond around the sides for signs of where the leak may be.  I haven't found anything to denote a leak.  I have been filling the pond twice a day to keep the filter submerged.  This has become quite a chore and I do not want to leave it to my neighbor to take care of when we go on vacation.  She always takes care of the animals when we leave to go on trips.  We in turn take care of hers.

Today the children and I went to our local home improvement store and bought a new preformed pond for the turtles.  I hated having to spend the money ($100) on a new turtle pond, but I really had no choice. (Have I mentioned how expensive these turtles have become?)

I created a deeper end and shallow end for the new pond.

Fitting the 125 gallon pond into the KIA was a challenge.  I had to put down the second row seats and wedge it into the back.  Then I realized that Little Man needed to sit in the car to get back home.  So, I made enough room to get him in a seat and buckled.  Thank goodness I didn't have three kids with me!

We got the pond home and I needed to find a spot for it.  I liked where I had the other pond, but I really wanted to be able to see the turtles better.  I placed the new pond near the sidewalk and pool path.  I can look out my dining room window and see the bubbling fountain.

Ozzy is chilling in his new pond.  

The turtles were easy to move to the new pond.  I was very surprised.  No hissing or thrashing as I placed them in a bowl for transport.  The fish were more of a challenge.  We are down to just three.  The turtles have evidently enjoyed fresh fish over the past three months.

The orange objects are the fish.  They decided to stick close together.

Now, hopefully, the pond holds water and won't spring a leak!