Wednesday, August 28, 2013


If you are a mother of a boy, you should be able to relate to this post.  Little Man is going through a major growth spurt!  It started last March and shows no signs of stopping.

My little guy has, well, always been little.  He has a very high metabolism and can put away food like a teenage boy.  It seems he is always hungry!  I don't know where it all goes.  He has always been skinny as a rail.  When he does get a bit of a belly, it quickly disappears, as he adds another inch of height!

In March, we bought size two baseball cleats.  I was concerned at the time they may be too large for him.  Hubby assured me that the cleats would be fine.  Little did we both know a major growth spurt was about to begin.

As ball season progressed, Little Man began complaining about his cleats.  I also noticed that they were a bit harder to put on his feet.  However, once we laced them up and went off to practice or a game, he quit complaining.  By May, it was almost impossible to put the cleats on his feet.  I really didn't want to buy another pair for two games.  So, we managed squeezing his feet into them.

I realized he was also growing upward by June.  He had put on muscle and no longer was the skinny little kid from March.  His biceps were becoming larger from swinging the baseball bat.  He jumped in size from a boys 5 to a boys 7.  I had to buy size 4 flip flops.  (Although, he really needed a 3.  He told me his feet would grow into them.  He was right!  By July, they fit perfectly.)

Mid-July came and it was time to sign-up for fall baseball.  I had him try his uniform on from the spring.  The pants had been six inches to long in March.  They were only three inches short now!  (He wouldn't wear them in the spring.  He wore a different pair, so I knew they had not shrunk from washing and drying.) 

Today, we went to buy cleats.  I held off this purchase for as long as I could.  The first practice is tonight.  I started with a size 4 cleat.  It was a perfect fit, but no room to grow.  I went and got the 4 1/2.  Plenty of room to grow, I hope!