Friday, August 16, 2013

Late Night Party

I woke yesterday morning to the noise of children.  Now, I know that most of you do the same.  However, this is not typical for us.  The children normally wake between 7:30 am to 9:30 am.  When they do get out of the bed, they are usually quiet.

I got up and was immediately greeted by two wide awake children.  I asked when did they get up and I received a unison 1 am!  Whoa!  It was just turning twenty after seven and surely they meant seven.  Egee explained that Little Man knocked on her door at one and they couldn't go back to sleep.  They decided to watch videos in her room ALL NIGHT!

If this had happened any other night this week, it would not have been a big deal.  However, we had eye doctor appointments in the afternoon.  We needed to do school work, take a lawn mower to my sister, go to the eye doctor, and then to my mother's house.  A full day was scheduled.  I did not need or want grumpy children.

I started school work with them immediately.  I was afraid to wait for fear they would crash.  Egee was plugging along nicely.  Little Man was starting to take a nose dive half way through math.  I refused to stop and just let him snuggle in the bed.  (I know, mean mommy! If I let him get away with not finishing his work, he would do this again.  I wanted both children to see that their actions had consequences.)  Once he finished his lessons correctly, I had him get in the bed.  He was out in ten minutes.

Egee continued working.  She didn't seem tired.  I think she must have cat napped from one to seven and just didn't realize it.  She is usually a Grumpy Gus when she doesn't get her sleep.  She didn't complain while working.  She really seems to like our new curriculum.

I took full advantage of Little Man being out cold.  I was able to mop all the floors and clean the house.

We woke Little Man up ten minutes before we had to leave.  He was in a much better mood!  Egee was starting to fade.  She cat napped on the way to my sister's house.  I took the back roads and it gave her almost an hour to rest during the drive.

The eye doctor appointment went well.  Little Man, of course, did not want to go.  He does not like any type of doctor.  I was very apprehensive about the visit with him.  He surprised me and cooperated nicely.  Egee's eyes have changed some.  We discussed letting her wear contacts and the eye doctor said she could. She gets fitted for contacts in two weeks. (They didn't have a lens for her left eye and had to order it.)  Little Man's eyes haven't changed much.  Mine stayed the same.  At least, we are done for another year!

We went to my mother's house after our appointment.  The children were thrilled to be at MeeMee's house. They played with the dogs and visited with MeeMee.  We went out to supper with my mom and dad.  The children were really starting to crash by then.  They were beginning to get on each other's nerves.  I was hoping to get through the evening and back home before they exploded.

On the drive home, Egee finally crashed.  She slept a good part of the drive.  Little Man was trying to stay awake.  We made it home and off to bed they went.

Little Man slept all night and awoke at 8:30 this morning.  Egee is still asleep at 9:30 am.  I don't see partying all night in the future anytime soon!