Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Fun!

I have taken a month off from blogging. (Of course, you may already realized this.)  Mostly, due to the fact that we have been busy with fun summer activities.  The other reason, I just needed a break.  So, here are a hodgepodge of pics that depict some of our summer fun!

Trying to make brine pickles.

Enjoying Cooley's strawberries.


Rainy day naps.

Wandering if it will ever stop raining.

Popping fireworks!

Learning about worm composting.

Enjoying the Natural Science Museum in Raleigh, NC.

Hall surfing in the hotel.

Learning about the American Civil War in Richmond, VA.

Resting on the giant anchor outside of the Confederate Museum.

Resting after a fun filled day.

Eating at the Depot Grill in downtown Lynchburg, VA.

Enjoying the sites of Lynchburg, VA.

Creating a log house at the Mt. Airy History Museum.

Enjoying a chocolate soda at Walker's Soda Shop in Mount Airy, NC.

Learning about Native Americans.


Pool parties with friends.