Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yard Chores Part II

Thank goodness the weather is staying cooler this week.  I ordered mulch yesterday and I am trying to get it spread.  I didn't mulch the flowerbeds and around the trees last year, so I have double the work to do this time.

Little Man couldn't wait for the mulch to arrive.  He must have asked two or three dozen times, when will it be here.  When the schedule time arrived and the mulch truck didn't, he ran to get the phone.  He just knew they were lost and needed directions.  Finally, after thirty minutes and no truck, I called.  Five minutes later, the truck showed.

Fifteen cubic yards of double ground mulch was dumped and an excited little boy began climbing to the top.  He played on the mulch pile for two hours and would have kept on playing, if it hadn't been for baseball practice.

Getting ready to toboggan down the mulch hill.

I began hauling large wheelbarrow loads of mulch to the pecan trees in the front yard and the wildflower bed.  Finally, after fifteen loads the front yard was finished for the time being.

I applied regular strength RoundUp around the tree the day before.  You can see the ring of dying grass.

Thick layer of mulch to choke out the weeds.

I expanded the wildflower bed.  You can see in the picture above this that the bed was very small.  Now, I have a larger area and plan on planting sunflowers in front of the poles.

This morning I awoke and began working in the backyard.  I wanted to get as much done before noon.  I made decent progress and still have about half the mulch left.  I am hoping it will be enough to finish the hedge area around the fenced garden. 

Three of my fruit trees (2 pears and an apple)

Three more apple trees.

Mulched peach tree

My mini orchard is now mulched.

Maple tree trunk

I decided to mulch around the hammock.  I hate moving it to mow around.
Until tomorrow.....