Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Giggles and Guffaws

Today, was the last day of home school class at the downtown library.  It is hard to believe the school year is coming to a an end and summer reading is just around the corner.  Ms. Jane planned a fun morning of laughter and singing to close out the year.

Ms. Jane introduced the children to Spoonerisms.  A spoonerism is an error in speech or a play on different words.  The term is named after Reverend Archibald Spooner, he consistently suffered spoonerisms.  The children listened to Ms. Jane read the story "Porcupining : a prickly love story," by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Janie Bynum.  The children enjoyed the cute little tale.  Ms. Jane played her guitar while singing poor Cushion's song.

Next, the class acted out the silly song of "Tony Chestnut".  They touched their toes and knees, as they sang Tony.  Then, they touched their chest and head for Chestnut. 

After singing, Ms. Jane started asking the children if they knew the answers to different riddle and jokes.  "Why are May flowers so clean?  Because they just had April showers!", "What kind of fruit is always in a bad mood? The crab apple!", "What veggie do you get when a dinosaur stomps through the garden?  Squash!"

She then read the book, "Epossumondas," by Coleen Salley.  The book is based upon the southern folktale, "Epaminondas" and is referred to as a noodlehead story.  Noodlehead stories are about dim witted individuals that just don't seem to get it.  Ms. Jane read the story in the deep southern accent of its origin and the children listened intently.  They enjoyed every moment.

Puns were the next topic.  She chose the book "Rhyme and Punishment: Adventure in Word Play,"
by Brian Cleary.  The children laughed, as she read some of the puns.  "If you don't eat ice cream for seven days, you will be week!" 

She then explained what a fractured fairytale was to the children and began to read an interactive "Cinderella" type story.  The children acted out the grumpy king and his three sons.  They had a blast listening to a familiar tale with a twist.

Finally, it was time for one more song, "The Green Grass Grows All Around," and then open mic for jokes the children were willing to share.  Several children including Egee came forward to tell their  jokes and riddles. 

We had a great end of year bash with Ms. Jane.  Looking forward to next year and the fun it will bring!