Thursday, April 18, 2013

Two of My Favorite Things

My two favorite past times are gardening and taking pictures.  When spring arrives, I love getting my hands dirty and snapping pictures of nature's beauty.  Hubby just upgraded my phone to the new Blackberry Z10 with an 8mp camera.  I have regular cameras, but I don't always have them with me.  My phone is always with me!  Yes, I am a techno slave.  Almost, all the the pictures on the blog have been taken with my old Blackberry Bold.  (My last garden post and library class post pictures are done with the Z10.  The header picture on the blog was taken with the Z10, also.)

Now that I have a better camera phone, I am playing around with it.  It really does take a nice picture.

Here are some close up shots from around the gardens.  We had a few evening showers and the camera picked up on the rain drops.  All pictures were taken at dusk with no flash.

Focusing on the center drop of water.

Love all the water drops clinging to the anthers of the azalea blooms.

Yellow jasmine in a sea of white azaleas.

Bees are feeding after the rain.

Tickweed blossom

Focus is on the back two flowers of this orange aster.