Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's Been Busy

Life has been busy the last week.  I finally have the yard mulched.  (Except the playground.  Little Man requested the mulch be left in a pile for him to play on.  I obliged his request for the time being.)

We have had baseball practice, office work, taking care of a friend's cats (while she is on vacation), home school class, household stuff, turtle pond project, and a lot of rain!

My week in pics:

Fruit trees mulched

Playground mulch pile for Little Man.

Wanting to play ball!

One of the cats we are watching.

Feeding the koi we are watching.  Love the pond!

Making kites at the homeschool class.

Flying the kites!

What is up with spring?


The yard couldn't take much more.

Turtle pond

Turtle pond with cover.
Now, it is back to work!  Hopefully, things will slow down soon.