Friday, April 12, 2013

Common Core in SC

Finally, our lawmakers are starting to wake up and see what a disaster Common Core will become if it is implemented.  States have been coerced into adopting Common Core Standards to receive Race to the Top money.   The money is only a temporary "fix" for so many school districts wanting funds.  Many are not concerned about the repercussions they will face when the money is gone and they are left with more federal mandates to fund because of the initial flood of money.  The tax payers are tired of ponying up to pay for the waste of educational spending.

I am glad that a bill has been introduced in our state that will stop the implementation of Common Core Standards.  SC H3943  was introduced yesterday and is being referred to the Education and Public Works Committee.  I hope these legislatures fully understand the ramifications we, as a state, will suffer, if we continue down the Common Core road.

People in our state want local control of their school districts.  They didn't like a proposal a couple of years ago that would consolidate small school districts to save administrative costs.  They wanted each community to have control of their schools and the bill was defeated.  If Common Core is fully implemented, then the locals will have no say in their schools.  The state will eventually have no say and the federal government will dictate what is taught and when it is taught in our local schools.  Unfortunately, most local citizens are unaware of this boulder teetering on the top of the cliff.

Common Core is a wolf in sheep's clothing.  Presenting itself as a way to unify the nation's school systems, so that if a child moves from one state to the next he will not miss a beat.  Lesser known to many is the fact the the Bill and Melinda Gate's Foundation has created a database to track our children.  The information will be shared with "educational companies." For those of you that believe that will be the only ones to see your child's information, you have way too much trust in the government.  Use your imagination and conjure up all the uses this data could be sold for.  Do you want your child's information out there?  I don't!

A few months ago, proposed bill SC H.3478 wanted all home school families to be on a registered database.  We, homeschoolers, fought the bill and as of now it is dormant.  Was this a mere coincidence to ready us for a Common Core database? 

The citizens of the United States need to wake up, turn off the mainstream media, reality shows, and pull their heads out of the sand.  They need to see that the liberties we have enjoyed are being threatened on many levels.  It is easy to brainwash our youth and implement ideas into them.  We are seeing the results that have been put in place from the fifties onward.  If we do not wake up and soon, it will be too late and our children and grandchildren are not going to live a life of liberty. 

I encourage each and everyone of you to truly seek out what Common Core is.  Remember your history!  Take time to contact your legislatures and let them know how you feel.  We must remain united and believe that yes, each one of us can make a difference.  For those of you in SC and have Facebook, you may want to check out and like: