Sunday, May 21, 2017

Stove Covers for the RV

Our stoves in the Conquest and Zinger did not come with a cover.  Counter space is precious in an RV. Adding a foot or two of counter space makes life much better in the kitchen!  I am frugal and when pricing a stove cover I was shocked at the price.  I didn't want to spend fifty plus dollars on a cover.  So, I thought what could I use that could serve a dual purpose.  I came up with a cutting board stove cover!

First, I measured the stove top.  Then I headed to Wally World in search of a heavy duty plastic cutting board.  I had one in the house I used often and wanted a similar one for the trailer.  They had just what I needed.

Next, I got it home and applied four small Velcro pieces to the back and added a grip shelf liner.  This made it where the cutting board did not slide around on the stove when towing.  It also keeps it from sliding around when bumped.

In the Conquest, I didn't have sink covers.  When I used the stove, I put the cutting board cover over the sink and expanded my counter space.  In the Zinger, I have sink covers.  I can still place it over the sink or on the table.  It doesn't really get in the way.

Once the stove is cleaned and cool, I simply place the cutting board cover on it.  Then I put an absorbent dish mat on top of the board.  I picked up a small dish drainer at Wally World and place it on top.  Since the sink and stove are beside one another, it makes washing and drying easy.

When the dish drainer isn't being used, I store the potatoes and onions or other produce in it.

So, I have a frugal, multi purpose solution to many issues facing a travel trailer kitchen.  Counter space added, cutting board for veggies, dish drying station, and produce storage all in one!

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